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Diagnostic Lab Management System (DLMS)

We offer an integrated suite of Diagnostic Lab Management Systems (DLMS) with integrated Account System that help organizations in automating their Diagnostic Lab and Diagnostic Lab force management systems. These information systems are highly suitable for Diagnostic Lab and helps in assimilating all the Diagnostic Lab efforts and focus on maximizing the benefits from all such endeavors.

The various features of the Diagnostic Lab Management System offered by us are:

  1. Patient Management
  2. Doctor Management
  3. Prescription Management
  4. Investigation Management
  5. Sales (Investigation Cash Memo) Management
    • Cash Memo
    • Re-discount
    • Due Collection
  6. Investigation Report Management
  7. Inventory Management (Reagent etc.)
  8. Pharmacy Management
  9. Human Resource Management
    • Administration
    • Attendance
    • Payroll
  10. Accounting System
  11. System Setup
  12. Various Reports